Thoracic Outlet Assessment


Some upper limb problems are due to the compression of arteries or veins in the base of the neck and shoulder (Thoracic Outlet). A duplex ultrasound can assess if there is compression or occlusion of these arteries or veins when your arm is in different postural positions.


Please wear loose clothing as exposure of the base of neck and shoulders will be required. Under arm anti-perspirant may be worn. Necklace jewelry will need to be removed and should not be worn to the examination.


Ultrasound jelly is placed on the skin at the base of your neck and shoulders. An ultrasound probe is placed over these areas to examine the arteries and veins. It is non invasive and not painful. You will be asked to move your arms into different postural positions whilst having the ultrasound examination to see if these different positions compress the blood vessels. Please notify our staff if you develop pain or symptoms when moving your arms as this is useful information for the study.


Approximately 45 minutes. This can vary depending on the degree of difficulty in viewing the blood vessels.

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