Lower Extremity Arteries


To define arterial blood supply in the lower limbs especially checking for the presence of atheromatous plaque, peripheral aneurysm and arterial thrombo-embolism.
The study starts from the aorta and includes the iliac, femoral, popliteal and calf arteries.


Nil by mouth four hours prior to the appointment to minimize bowel gas overlying the aorta and iliac arteries.


The patient is recumbent. The study is non-invasive and painless and does not involve the injection of any dye. Gel is applied to the skin and the ultrasound probe is moved over the skin of the abdomen and leg. The study takes approximately 1 hour per leg.


B-mode imaging and velocity shift through any arterial stenosis.
Reported as a % stenosis or occlusion of the vessel.
For peripheral arterial aneurysms – aneurysm size, length and the presence or absence of mural thrombus is noted.

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